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Legal Nurse Consulting

A Legal Nurse Consultant in Rockford, IL That You Can Count On

When you need help bridging the gap between the judicial and medical systems, you should consult with a professional like Rivera LNC. In addition to analyzing medical records, we can also educate attorneys on medical issues that relate to their case. Contact us in Rockford, Illinois, for more information.

Professional Legal Nurse Consulting Services

Our LNC nurse can identify and analyze summary reports, medical records, and any other healthcare documents that help support a medical case for plaintiffs or defendants. We report our findings in written or verbal form over the phone. Here at Rivera LNC, we apply our nursing knowledge and expertise to help sift through medical information, saving you money through our medical procedure research in Rockford, IL.

Our dedicated team reduces the time that you spend doing research and finding expert witnesses. Rivera LNC will interview clients and discuss any incidents that have occurred. We can provide a complete chronological timeline of the events that are related to the case—from beginning to end.

We also do procedure and medication research in Rockford, IL, making sure that they followed proper protocol. Our medical malpractice consultant will identify any medical record tampering, which includes mis-documentation or document changes after the fact.

Medical Record

A Dependable Legal Nurse Consultant

Our legal nurse consulting services include honesty and quality. Our ethical values help us earn the trust and respect of our clients, making our services special. Rivera LNC's areas of practice include medical malpractice, personal injury, criminal law, and family law. The medical facilities that we work with include:

• Nursing Homes
• Rehabilitation Centers
• Clinics
• Hospitals
• Skilled Nursing Facilities
• Long-Term Acute Care Centers (LTAC)